Please don't expect to find many venues on this site prior to January 1, 2020.

According to the Cannabis Regulation and Tax Act, social consumption (basically consuming cannabis anywhere in Illinois that isn't a private residence) will be determined by local municipalities. Towns and cities with a population over 25,001 will eventually have to choose to allow or disallow social consumption, towns and cities with a smaller population will have to defer to their county. If the town or county chooses to allow social consumption, businesses can apply for licenses and permits that would allow for social consumption on the property.

Highly Matrimony is actively contacting zoning boards in Illinois municipalities to discuss their choice to allow or disallow social consumption, and address any permits or licenses and the fees involved for businesses in those municipalities.

If you have already booked a venue and intend on having cannabis at your event, please understand that consumption on that property is not permitted if they do not have the proper permits or licenses. DO NOT consume cannabis on a property that does not have these permits or licenses.